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Videos for Animal Sanctuaries

As a vegan videographer with a strong respect for nonhuman animals, I know how important it is to use video to tell their stories and share their personalities with other animal lovers in the area and around the world.

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Storytelling and Personality

Unlike what many might think, day to day life at an animal sanctuary is not glamorous. There’s always something that needs to be done or mouths to feed.

However, at the end of the day, the sound of happy, healthy animals make it all worth it.

Video is a key way to connect with potential volunteers, donors and animal advocates. You can tell your story and let the personality of your residents shine.

Knowing all too well that most animal sanctuaries do not have large budgets for promotion and outreach, I am offering special rates and packages for those who see the value in telling stories through video.

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Video Rates

A typical video involves one day on location and a few days editing with the end product being a two minute video with perhaps a one minute variation for Instagram.

I’ll visit the animal sanctuary with my video gear and meet and video the residents. After, I’ll do an interview with the animal sanctuary organizers/owners where you can tell your story and the story of some of your residents.

All of the above is included as the standard package with a discounted rate of $300*.

*Additional travel costs may apply depending on location of your animal sanctuary.

If you are interested in the above and would like to talk further, please fill out the information below.

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