Digital Marketing Package

In our increasingly connected world, social media is more and more relevant. Small businesses that successfully use social media find that they are able to appeal to new customers and strengthen their relationships with existing ones. The aim of this digital marketing package is to jump start your business's social media presence through vibrant photography, promotional images, and engaging video.

Package includes:

  • Creation or redesign of social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.
  • Photoshoot on location to create vibrant images for your business.
  • Uploading selected photos to Instagram, Facebook.
  • Managing your business's Yelp and Google pages, including uploading images.
  • Designing promotional images to be shared on social media.

Website Creation

Well designed and functional websites should be a key component of any modern consumer-facing business. Websites that are optimized for mobile and tablets are becoming increasing more important. 

Package Includes:

  • Creation of an optimized website.
  • Photography and graphic design to make your website stand out and communicate your brand values.
  • Brief lesson on how to use the website tools to update content on your own after the project is completed.

Video Production

Video is one of the strongest mediums in the 21st century. Thanks to the internet, video is easily watchable and shareable. Its potential to tell a story exceeds that of text or still images, it allows for voice, movement, and music to combine into an engaging piece of content that demands attention. Having a well produced video can help a business stand out in a competitive environment, as well as adding a sense of brand personality and warmth.

Video production includes:

  • A produced video filmed in high definition
  • Quality sound and lighting
  • Professional titles and transitions
  • Suitable music and sound effects
  • Uploaded to your platform(s) of choice.


Photography can help highlight your business in a positive way.

Photography can help highlight your business in a positive way.

A picture says 1,000 words. You've heard it all before. There's nothing like remembering a moment with a well crafted photograph. Vibrant images can help a business stand out in a crowd or communicate to their customers in new and interesting ways. 

Photography includes:

  • A photo shoot at the location of your choosing
  • A variety of shots that showcase your business or event
  • Processing and editing of selected images
  • Full-resolution JPEGs files
  • Full ownership rights to the photos